Updated: 06/10/2010 09:02
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The StaunchFinances admin has chosen fast way of project growth. Too fast. And here is the result StaunchFinances has been gaining popularity very quickly

Slow but sure. Unfortunately that is not about StaunchFinances ( The program's admin has chosen fast way of project's growth. Too fast. And here is the result. From the very day of its launch StaunchFinances has been gaining popularity very quickly, there was considerable inflow of funds, more and more members joined the program every day, though when the popularity began to fade StaunchFinances failed to meet sudden lack of new investors.

The program's admin doesn't say much of the causes of project collapse. He only acknowledges his guilt for not generating enough income to keep the program going.

In the program's last newsletter Brent announced Staunch Finances is OFFICIALLY CLOSED. Deposits have been disabled since yesterday. And the last few words as to refunds:

I will continue paying whatever's left in our funds and refund those that deposited today. Please do not send anymore tickets as I will close all our email addresses. There's really no need to ask me what happened. Anyway, I wish you all luck in your future endeavors and again, I'm sorry.

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