Updated: 06/16/2010 14:55
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We have published news about TopFinancial ( pending last week (read here:

We have published news about TopFinancial ( pending last week (read here: Apparently the situation hasn’t changed much, actually it became even worse. A lot of TopFinancial investors reported the program started delaying payments and froze some member accounts last week. It looked like a final good bye, yet the payments were resumed.

Frankly speaking all these rollercoaster don’t give investors even a tiny confidence in the program. Most of them have not even got their principal deposit back as the minimum investment term offered by TopFinancial is 90 days. That is another reason why it is so dangerous to invest in long term low ROI programs especially now. You never know whether it will last another day not even a month.

As to TopFinancial personally I believe the program lives its last days. They have recently offered a bonus of $10 to all investors for completing a simple survey, which may well be the last trick to attract more investors before finale collapse. Anyway investing is no longer recommended in this program.

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