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Experienced on-line investors know that there are whole range of events forerunning an investment project closure. It is good to know these signs and orientate in it – this would be an additional way to secure your investments. Surely, only a little amount of HYIP let you withdrawal your money once there appeared first suspicions. But if you are not going to put money into closing projects, than you for certain are going to manage to guard against losses of your deposits.

Today we will mention only 3 features which are most widespread. In spite of all its obviousness, many investors do not pay attention to it. Editors office of Hyipnews.com daily receives letters from investors, who lost their deposits exactly because of they didn't notice the simple things. That's why we decided to write about it.

  • The most obvious feature: when payments start to delay.
  • Implementing new investment plans, as a rule with higher rate of interest and higher threshold of minimal or maximal sum for investment. Such a behavior shows that administrator is going so to say to “get the jackpot” before the end.
  • Technical problems. Not always but very often problems on server, hosting etc. are “the first robin” of sooner HYIP's closure: the owner will most probably prefer to open a new project rather than to mess about with the technical problems on the previous one.

Surely, some programs may overcome this. Some of them even are paying long term after that. However, if a program has one problem from the listed above, it is better to put off depositing into it until better days. Of course it will not guarantee faultlessness of your investments, but it will improve your key figures for sure.

This is exactly the reason why it is so important to watch the news and to control the working of projects that you are interested in. This is exactly why hyipnews.com regularly publish tons of informative messages about everything what happens in the world of highly profitable on-line investments. Above all, this information helps to avoid predeterminedly wrong investments. Experienced investors know it absolutely for sure. Successful investors do not even work it another way.

Jow Wong, HYIPNews.com

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