Updated: 06/24/2010 10:44
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Online investors eager to achieve success in HYIP investments have to realize the importance of information

Online investors eager to achieve success in HYIP investments have to realize the importance of information. Every day we can learn something from a program. For example Private Diamond Club ( shows that even with no lack of information there still can be no sense. PDC still has Awaiting status, we still got no answers from them and the mail is full of PDC updates. Today we got another message. This time it is from Lars von Oldberg, the admin of the project.

He says he has just returned from his journey to Burundi and discovered that Hilde hadn't announced the change of Minimal Withdrawal Amount. Now it is $1. Of course nothing will change for PDC old investors. The rest of this new message has nothing actually new. It says about new design the site will have in 2-3 days, and that everything will be just fine etc. Anyway it is better to quote Lars von Oldberg as he talks about PDC work:

Our head of trading called me today and he reached safe with 2 Partners (on of them our Diamond Expert Henry) in Kindu (a town in the DRC) and all is fine. As I said tomorrow I will come with all updates and most important the change of payment option and a improved contact system, the removal of the daily plan in 7 days and all you may missed...

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