Updated: 06/24/2010 06:51
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Despite hot summer season the activity in HYIP market does not go down. Programs appear and go, investors are willing to earn and the life goes its usual way. Yet if you take note of deposit amounts and advertising campaigns, if you listen to what other HYIP market players say, you will discover that crisis is the first that bothers the minds of online investors all around the globe. Advertising indeed is going down in value as well as market players investing less. And most investors started worrying about coming end for HYIP … I want to assure you this is not going to happen. HYIP will be on its place since it is working. And you can profit here. Moreover even in these hard times it is still possible to earn. You just have to work and move on improving your result. Most attention during the previous week in online investment sphere have been paid to development and plans for future:

CherryShares: Minimum 23.2% per month and more!

It is impossible to imagine HYIP sphere without rumors and warnings:

Eigeline Network: Minimum 23.2% per month and more!

Finally, a couple of educational articles and recommendations for those who are in need of informational support. The first article called WHY INVEST is about investing in general and the reasons why online investing is the real opportunity to earn and double your funds. You can read this article here: http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17239/WHY-INVEST/

One of the most important questions an investor can have is When will HYIP shut down? The thing is the keystone of profiting with HYIP investments is the ability to invest and withdraw at a well-chosen moment. Thus if investor doesn't know when a program is going to collapse he will probably be mistaken all the time. To avoid this please read the following article: http://www.hyipnews.com/news/17257/3-FEATURES-OF-HYIP-CLOSURE/


Our regular readers know HYIPNews.com has two YouTube channels, where you can find HYIP-related Videos we call HYIPVideo. The most active now is hyipreview channel (http://www.youtube.com/hyipreview). The first video which was uploaded a week ago can be described as: At what level the investment % becomes realistic? When is it "too much" and what indicates that a HYIP promising this % is a scam? (the answer is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvIYNHR6fDQ). The second video uploaded today is our first video review. And the lucky program reviewed is Eigeline Network. We do not state this is the best program among currently existing HYIPs, but we do state it has something to look at. We've tried to look at it and I think we made it. Provided the admin's work is as high-grade as the program's appearance they will surely achieve success. As to our video review next time we are planning to study CherryShares and invite everyone to join us.


Keep your eyes open and good luck.
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