Updated: 06/30/2010 10:36
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Dear readers, even if you have read this news on the pages of, it won’t hurt to read it again as it deals not only with general ...

Dear readers, even if you have read this news on the pages of, it won’t hurt to read it again as it deals not only with general “search of SCAM monitorings", it deals with how you can detect scam monitorings here and now. These cases are very rare but we try to use them all as it is very difficult to find a decent monitoring nowadays. It must be at least WORKING if not honest and not just HYIP projects link giving device. It is no secret that HYIP Monitorings are essential part of the life of online investors and are also important for HYIP investment. HYIP is impossible without monitorings. So how can we catch them? It’s quite simple.

TopFinancial, noted and nice project, one of the old-timers of HYIP investments' field, has been recently closed. We invested in them only to make sure they don’t pay. First TopFinancial offered short-term plan, then fell away to bonuses … or bonuses were first, then short-term plan? Anyway it is classics with fatal case in HYIP industry.

And here is the result:

As you can see according to many monitorings TopFinancial is still PAYING while it is not. It is as sure as fate. And you shouldn’t trust to all those monitorings claiming the opposite.
We certainly understand there are such things as selective payouts and other fraud techniques. Yet TopFinancial is not an ordinary program and most monitorings showing its fake status don’t constitute themselves as ordinary monitorings.

It is not the first time proves itself as purely automatic project. is something new and very low-grade. and MaxHYIP are still few weeks behind the actual statuses of programs. And STFmonitor shows positive status even after negative voting! This time we were surprised by - this is the first fault of this monitoring. Briefly, the list is endless. So HYIP Monitoring rating suggests itself...

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