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The best way to use this summer crisis – is to obtain new skills. There are a lot of skills an online investor can take advantage of yet the main is information search and processing. This will give you the opportunity to find the answers to any questions you may have. An integral part of that skill is the ability to put questions. So while HYIP industry suffers from crisis we recommend turning to self-education. And HYIPNews.com – is the place you can find the answers to all your questions.

It's been already three weeks as we publish our educational materials which will make you a real HYIP shark till September when HYIPs get back to normal and resume bringing good profit to investors.

As to our HYIP articles this week we talked about factors which affect our decision while choosing a proper HYIP to make an investment . The second topic discussed is financial freedom and how can we gain it with the help of HYIP investments. This question bothers all online investors and we tried to answer it in the article called Making Money and Living from Online Investing . So feel free to read both articles and renew your knowledge of HYIP investment field.

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GoldNuggetInvest became the biggest yet pleasant shake of the past week after some former members reported on first refunds from the program which closed in 2009. That actually makes the program the biggest mystery of the past few months as it is the first time when a HYIP being closed for so long started processing refunds. This is actually a pleasant surprise. To know more read:

The past week as usually was full of scam reports and alert messages. Unfortunately all the messages were quite reasoned and as a result in the end the week we have the following list of closed, not paying or simply turned scam programs: TrumpForexClub, MoneyTree, Bukinvest, DexteraHoldings, OffShorePrime and BankOfFamily. You can read the corresponding news following the links:

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The only pleasant exception to the above list of scam programs of the past week is FastBucksPro and its admin Joshua who actually kept his promise to refund all the investors and proved himself as an honest and responsible person. More about this rare fact in HYIP industry here:


This past week was especially remarkable for us as we made our first HYIP Video Review and the lucky program reviewed is Eigeline Network. We finally managed to upload the Review on our YouTube Channel so everybody are welcomed to watch it following the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SFqe5YG65E&feature=player_embedded
So enjoy the watching, stay tuned for more updates from HYIPNews.com and invest wisely. Good luck!

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Keep your eyes open and good luck.
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