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I love writing reviews of HYIP programs not yet well-known among investors. These programs are not yet talking to you from every banner around every corner. Offering you such a program I surely take risks but in that case I'm being maximally detached. Anyway I evaluate the program not being influenced by the market's opinion. And what about market's opinion? Does broad publicity guarantee steady profit? So let's listen to our feelings and develop our own tastes. After all every investor should remain maximally neutral. And for such very investors I'm offering this very project: OrbisTrends.

OrbisTrends falls into the category of HYIPs which can be called steady middle-term. Of course the fact that its appearance and technical characteristics give the program the perspective of 4-6 months of work doesn't mean it will last this long. Nowadays any HYIP can easily become a leader and work up to a year or more. So we don't need any of these dogmatic definitions. And though I want to call OrbisTrends a mid-term project, but I won't.

Space and comfort is what visitors meet from the first page. The site's structure is simple and logical to the utmost. Feedback blocks are on the left. There is a phone number and Live Support. These things already mean a lot. Live Support is online, I check Contacts page. And OrbisTrends doesn't disappoint me. They have both feedback ticket and e-mail address. Phone numbers from the front page are doubled here as well. This is good enough for me. Checking how all these communication tools work. Work just fine. I reached the program's admin almost right away.

The latest news of OrbisTrends are on the front page on the right. Their news page, which can be seen separately here:, deserves our closest attention. The first notable thing is the number and volume of news. The administration has clearly made not just formal replies. Just the look at these explicit and professional news makes you respect the authors. This is what I especially like about OrbisTrends. I would name this quality as thoroughness. This very thoroughness allows any visitor to read the news starting from the time of company's registration in 2005. Here you can find national holidays, important events in economic field and a lot of other info. Anyway it is interesting and worth the highest score.

Yet the main thing is on the other page. It is investment plans. Though investment plans are always the top of the iceberg it won't hurt to look at this iceberg bottom-up. As we've already seen all related to investment plans let's look at them as such.

OrbisTrends has four plans including Promotional. They all bring investors daily profit during various terms. The plans differ in minimum and maximum deposit amounts. That means the plans gradation is by the sum of your investment. Thus Promotional, or starter plan ends with $200. The plan lasts 30 days and the maximum interest is 3.78% (minimum - 0.5%, which is the minimum interest for all plans of OrbisTrends). The efficiency of the plan is evident, but the term and sum limit affected the plan which is seen in its title: the plan is strictly PROMOTIONAL. You can surely get a nice profit having invested $199 but the sum would still be too small comparing to other plans.

ForEx Proceeds – the second plan. Interest: 0.5% - 2.27% Daily.
Min. Amount: 200.01 USD
Max. Amount: 1000 USD
Period: 60 Business Days

The third plan - ETFs & e-Mini Futures. Its characteristics is:
Interest: 0.5% - 2.85% Daily
Min. Amount: 1000.01 USD
Max. Amount: 5000 USD
Period: 90 Business Days

The last plan which most likely reflects investment spheres in its title is called Stocks and Mutual Funds. This plan has the longest term - 120 day, and the highest ROI, as a result. Here are the specifications:

Interest: 0.5% - 3.47% Daily;
Min. Amount: 5000.01 USD;
Max. Amount: 50,000 USD;
Period: 120 Business Days.

Here on Investment Products page they have Investment Calculator which will help to rate your needs better and to determine the sum for optimal effect. The main thing is to remember you can invest only the sum you can afford to lose.

The last pleasant news about meeting OrbisTrends is the variety of payment options available to its members. They have as much as six payment processors: LibertyReserve, PrefectMoney, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, StrictPay, AlertPay and GDP. Such a wealth of options is another plus to the program's thoroughness. Anyway only time will show what we will actually get.

Orbis Trends: info, news, forum

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