Updated: 07/05/2010 17:25
Hyip Monitor

Well, here it is – our first issue of Scam Monitors Rating (or monitorings as some market players call them). We have previously mentioned ( that some monitors are being extremely and unbelievably slow when rating HYIP programs. Unfortunately this slowness causes great losses for many especially inexperienced investors. Note we say SLOWNESS is the cause. The thing is we can’t state a particular monitor gives a false status to a program intentionally. And we surely do not claim the following monitors are fraudsters. Yet they help scams, help them profit, thus they are their accessories, whether they want this or not.

Our column which is opened by this issue is to be regular and will be supposedly published on Mondays. All cases of negligence during the week will be covered separately.

We don’t have an aim to defame a particular monitor or somehow dishonor our colleagues. That’s why we are always ready for a dialogue, contradiction and of course criticism. is not going to be a judge and censure whoever we want. We include to our rating only those who gave a fake status not once, who doesn’t want to assist investors’ success and doesn’t want to change anything.

Dear readers, if you have become a victim of unfair monitors, please inform us. If you are not satisfied with some aspect of their work – inform us as well. Our LIVE/OFFLINE support, on the right on the front page, is always available for you.

Last week we saw fake or simply wrong statuses on the following monitors:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And here are quite well-known monitors, virtually the leaders of the market, who made a mistake, and we have already written about them:,,,, Currently these cases are single. What can we learn from this? That any monitor should be checked. Including So all the above monitors get yellow cards.

Though is a real shockworker. Only last week we counted FOUR fake statuses given by this monitor. Thus becomes the last tool in an online investor’s work...


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