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Your Private HYIP Journal The main task of a newbie investor is to get any possible information about HYIPs, to match all sources and work out...

Your Private HYIP Journal

The main task of a newbie investor is to get any possible information about HYIPs, to match all sources and work out appropriate among that landfill of information. For expert investor assigned task is to deposit and to secure profits.

There's no regulatory body in HYIPs, you're as free as the air in your choice of when, where and how many to invest, but in order to invest profitably you have to: 'First deserve and then desire' or in other words 'he is an old hand at that' - learn hard to get basic knowledge. Because HYIPs are very risky online opportunity so you may pick off as 50% a day as none, that is the reason that makes people stay away from HYIPs.

Investing in HYIPs is not about luck, but it deals with predicting. And before getting to that level, you have to thoroughly study in the basics and some of the advanced concepts. Where? As some of you may ask... HYIPs nowadays are very popular, in spite of high risks, so you won't endeavor to find the stuff needed, different websites, blogs, videos, forums, there are plenty of them over the web.

You may find much free learning texts, current news and historical stuff, comments of experts and updates on our web site! So don't waste your time, it's so easy to get started, visit and learn how to protect your cash with us!

Write down all your participations in HYIPs, to track down your emotions, results, mistakes, losses. Some may say it's a boob, but that is nothing else, but reference. For example you've made up your strategy with timing and money management, it works and everything is chime. Once you have lost cause you invested out of time. Afterwards you may conclude that is because of imprecision timing. You write down your mistake, change your stance and won't do it again.

Let's see it in details: this is what expert investors advice to jot down and what they notice with its advent. As the rule to start-up your journal people use 'MS word' or similar applications, make several columns with such titles:

  • Invest into: write the name of HYIP you invested in, type of plan.
  • The final result of investment: Note down whether you got profit or loss. Settle upon reasons, technique, strategy you've chosen. The moment to get out is also useful to notice.
  • Terms of Investment: the date when you joined/went out of project, how many cycles have been completed.
  • Timing: the date of get in/get out of HYIP, sum you won/lost and what did influence your decision.
  • Invested money: the sum of money you have invested.
  • Techniques used: Methods and techniques that were used.
  • Screenshots: image is uncontradicted evidence, also with picture taken it will be easier to recognize your notes, if something is not clear for you or you can not remember what you've meant.

Also you may edit or add some extra points and columns. And remember that the key to success is in how you are able to apply the different things you know, by noting them you create your personal archive of investments , in future by analyzing your previous decisions you may obtain improved strategy for wiser investing.

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