Updated: 07/06/2010 14:44
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OnlineInvestmentFund (, and old and reputable HYIP, being monitored by for over 90 days, has sent its latest...

OnlineInvestmentFund (, and old and reputable HYIP, being monitored by for over 90 days, has sent its latest newsletter mainly informing on how you can invest in the program and how to withdraw your funds when you are on your vacation:

To make an investment in our program just login to your account on our website, click on the "make deposit" link (that will appear in the left menu after you login) and you will be redirected to

On the deposit page, choose the desired plan, enter the amount you want to invest and choose "Spend funds from" your desired payment processor, follow the instructions, you will be redirected to a secure payment page from your preferred payment system.

The admin emphasizes investors' ability to access their accounts on the program's website from any place in the world.

Don't forget about online payment systems the program offers: Alertpay, LibertyReserve, Solidtrustpay, Perfectmoney, Strictpay. Each payment system has its unique features, some require verification (Alertpay, Solidtrustpay, Strictpay) but they offer services such as deposit and withdrawal by bank wire, and other (Libertyreserve, Perfectmoney) offer an offshore solution to not pay taxes for your profits made in OnlineInvestmentFund.

On the whole everything is made for you to enjoy this summer to the full and even more due to successful investments with OnlineInvestmentFund.

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