Updated: 07/07/2010 14:26
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Ecommerce is the magazine which is dedicated to electronic commerce and partly to online investing.

Ecommerce is the magazine which is dedicated to electronic commerce and partly to online investing. It posts so called “battle of investment project” from time to time. Of course those investors who gather all information about investing know about this site and this subsection. Two projects, which are considered to be equal competitors, are reviewed in it. All items which are described and evaluated in HYIP reviews are given in comparison here. For example safety in one project is compared to safety in another one, etc.

We decided to make reviews of this section of the magazine starting from today, so that our readers could keep a track on EVERYTHING. We are sure that programs mentioned in this ECJ section deserve heightened attention from us if for no other reason than they are mentioned in MSM of HYIP investment industry. The question is what kind of attention. We quite frequently have to draw attention to those projects which we should never invest in. Unfortunately, first HYIPs reviewed (or presented) by ECJ, deserve such kind of attention. These are Magic Heaven & Daily Profit.

First project, Magi Heaven started operating on June the 12-th and still continuous fulfilling its functions quite successfully. It is a short-term HYIP, which offers a return in 1, 3, 7 or 30 days. The bottom-line profit is 6% for one day and the maximum profit is 200% for 30 days. At the same time, the project offers 10% commission. Clear-cut strategy which is aimed to short-time work and big investments. Which means your money, dear investors. has been operating for 14 days, meaning it has paid out a 144% return twice. I am almost sure the project will be shut down in three or maximum five days. If you invest in its third plan (7 days) you will most likely not see your money again. There is some chance of getting a three-day return, but I don`t recommend investing even in the first (one-day) plan.

As for Daily-Profit (… well the situation is clear here. Just visit their site and… you will not be able to do it. It doesn`t exist. And now read this news: I clearly wrote: "Two days after implementing the plan the program will stop paying and you will lose your money". And here you are! Unfortunately , the journalists of ECJ probably don`t read our news, that is why they continued comparing those projects, even though they saw NOT PAYING statuses on monitoring. Don`t repeat their mistakes!

In this case I want to say that none of the projects is a worthy project for investing. We hope that ECJ will have more luck next time.

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