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Recently we've got another update from administration of Private Diamond Club ( which is actually not informative as most of the program's newsletters lately. This time the latter was composed by the Head of trading of Private Diamond Club and that is the only unusual thing about this update. The rest of it is rather common: more promises as to the site update which is to be finished soon, a reminder of the program's investment plans and interests. The author of the message informs that most updates are done. In case of inaccessibility of the site you may send an email to

The biggest part of this newsletter is dedicated to the Head of trading last journey to Kenya and everything about it. This part is actually very detailed so we decided to publish it in full so it can be read by everybody who are highly interested:

While the official value of the trade was US$ 500,000 I decided to trade US$ 700,000.
I made many trades in this area and I knew the official who is a certificated mining owner and trusted in our business.

However, my partner (the mining owner) was aware of our internet site and said there is a web of people who make money from the sector, not only people me and Lars know, or government officials, traditional chiefs, no now also foreign investors all living off the backs of the diggers by extorting a percentage. I ask if this is a problem. And yes. One signature was missing. And I suggested ways of co-ordinating the trade. I wanted to sign the contract over US$670,000 but the miner valued his own product just US$610,000. What a deal... No time to loose. But the signature that our club is international was missing. Lars needed to be contacted. We are know as investment club. But online is something new in Africa...

Also a law in Kenya stopped me, after my Diamond Expert Henry informed me about the quality... I contacted Lars who had to fly to Kigali, than to Burundi. In the end after Lars needed to use his contacts and his friendship to some high officials and we had the signature. (please note our privacy policy for Lars von Oldberg and the head of trading + our trading partners!) Kenya has a laws and our certificate is just for imports of uncut gemstones valued under US$750,000. The quality much higher. Henry, our diamond expert, was so impressed, he checked 3 times... The rough value in Kenya without any work would be already over one million dollar. Our heads were spinning. Now we had the product and Lars did what he could. Me and Henry moved to Burundi by road. There this law is not known. A small tip at the boarder was a must... ... After the tin trade deal... we lost time. And our big investors are mostly not online, but most important the people who buy the product from us, waited long enough. After I refused to sign the contracts to buy shares of the tin mine I had to come back with nice profits. It took time. 2 hard weeks... And the trip was over. Henry, me and a 3rd partner transported the diamonds by road to the capital of Burundi and some of the rough diamonds went yesterday by plane to Kenya. The other part will be sold from here. (I write in US$ to make it easy, normally we calculate in carats).

I am thankful for the knowledge of Henry. As a trader, I am also in charge of valuing the product. But this is sometimes impossible. I would have undervalued the stones, and this would be a disaster. Our certificate is limited and rough stones valued over US$750,000, and than we have a higher tax class for all stones (35% higher). And we are not allowed to sell them shortly after. There would be in a lock in period of 2 month. But we avoided it... The products are safe and 2 of the 3 rough stone buyers are in Kenya already. The other buyer from Dubai will finalize everything with Lars in Kigoma next week when we settled. For me... A very successful trade. A bit like the stock market with ups and downs... but what counts is the profit... and we are more than satisfied. We decided to move the main trading office away from Kenya this week or next week, because me, Lars and also
Mrs. Natasha. A. are mostly traveling to plan the trips. We are near the boarder of the DRC or the CAR! We are moving our office due to a lot of reasons, positive for our investors and more easy for us.

And the last information from this update is the new withdrawal terms which are as follows: interest is paid daily, weekly or monthly to the member's account. To withdraw money from the balance the member has to make a withdraw request in the member area. All withdraw requests are paid on Tuesdays and Fridays via e-currency. Western Union and Bank Wire Investors are getting paid within 12-24 hours on business days for requests under US$15,000. Requests over US$ 15,000 take up to 48 hours.

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