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Learn about the selective payouts as the way of operating a high yield investment project based on paying selectively principle

Everyone knows what selective payouts are. And you know what selective payouts are, don`t you? Well, here you are: selective payouts are the way of operating a high yield investment project based on “paying selectively” principle. Which means that not everyone gets paid, but only chosen investors. Large clients or monitors are most commonly the chosen ones. In general, the program starts having set of people which get paid and those who don`t. So, what do they do it for?

The answer is simple. For example, when it comes to deciding whether to pay large clients or not, the decision may vary depending on situation and tasks. Sometimes HYIP has no money to pay large clients. In that case it pays only minor clients. I think it is obvious why such projects need to pay monitors. The project gets new clients (online investors) when monitors show positive status. Which means they make profit even when they don`t pay. Isn`t it great? The benefit is obvious.

Our readers have known about Oil Forex Trading ( for a long time. We tried to control this project by constantly posting information saying that they don`t make payouts. Unfortunately many investors get confused because they see PAYING status on most monitors and neither our warnings nor news can`t stop them from making a deposit in Oil Forex Trading. Any visitor at can find lots of information related to the project right on project`s page (for example But, unfortunately, most online investors are not used to go behind some extra info and therefore make their choice blindly. That is why we simply had to exclude from our catalog. That is why it is scam. And here is the list of monitors which don`t show valid statuses: We post it right here for you.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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