Updated: 07/13/2010 16:16
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Another HYIP program failed to resist this crisis is SevenStarProfit . We have recently written news about them informing on closure of one of their...

Another HYIP program failed to resist this crisis is SevenStarProfit. We have recently written news about them informing on closure of one of their AlertPay accounts ( It was two weeks ago and at that time the administration of the program claimed there was nothing to worry about and that the situation was under control. Did they really think so or it was just an empty words to lull the vigilance of its members and potential investors? Anyway this time John Smith hasn’t found any other words except for announcing the closure of his program. He has published a long and pitiful message on a well-known HYIP blog claiming he and his assistant have no other alternative but to close the project. Here is the most touching part of the message:

“…She even said she can use her personal savings to help maintain SevenStarProfit. But it's a bad idea obviosly. I'd rather stop this all than allow her and myself to waste anymore money, time and health in this program. In case you don't get it yet, I'd say this simple. SevenStarProfit is not profitable for me, the creator and my assistant. We're currently in a loss. And to not make it even worse, I'm taking this decision to close up the shop. The remaining funds in our accounts will be used to cover expences which has been made from my own pocket for advertising. Yes, you heard it right. I have lost more than the largest investor even after closing the program. I and my assistant are in the same boat as you. We have lost our money in a HYIP. And this is not a joke or bad excuse. Let's face it. This industry needs some time to recover. Personally, I'm taking a rest from HYIPs as admin or investor for a while…”

You may hear a note of irony in my words and I can explain why. The above message was published four days ago and it contained some very specific words as:

“Taking above numbers (daily HYIP profit in most days is near zero or even a negative number on weekends) into account, 180% after 15 days Active deposits: 19($874.18) - a lot of them will mature soon, I just don't have a plan how I can pay you, guys. Program growth is too slow, not even close to make you and me happy.
I'll refund some of last deposits and close SevenStarProfit's deposit button right now. My apologise”.

As I just checked SevenStarProfit website is still available and what is more its investing option is available as well. The program’s administration doesn’t know how to refund the invested money yet they know how to accept new deposits? It seems at least strange to me. Anyway we should give the admin a credit as he actually had courage to face the problem and inform on his decision and not just disappear like a coward scammer. Do hope to hear reports on refunds from SevenStarProfit former members.

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