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New week started with new battle of two HYIPschosen by our colleagues, EcommerceJournal. These are AvaInvesment and Globas this time

New week started with new battle of two investment projects chosen by our colleagues, EcommerceJournal. These are AvaInvesment (avainv.com) and Globas (globas.biz) this time. The journalists of this mass media probably wanted to recoup themselves after posting Magic Heaven & Daily Profit (Magic Heaven and Daily Profit ARE REVIEWED BY ECJ) battle. Daily-profit.biz was obviously not the right choice and it was shut down straight away after the posting. Magicheaven.net is still paying, but is hanging by a thread, because they have to payout investors who made a deposit in their thirty-day plan, according to which investors get 300% back. Well, actually they have five more days, considering the fact that project didn`t start taking deposits in the first day of its work. But I wouldn`t recommend investing even in their second plan, which gives you 20% profit in three days. Well, of course you can risk if you are not afraid to lose. The most important thing is not to invest in Plan 3 and Plan 4. If you do invest, you will not see your money again. But let`s get back to Ava Investment and Globas.

Even though, these projects are much better than the previous ones (I mean magicheaven.net and daily-profit.biz), the choice seems to be doubtful. The thing is that avainv.com has approved itself as a well operating and experienced HYIP, and globas.biz has been operating for only 15 days. Which means comparing these two projects must be started with such phrase: 6 months against 15 days.

But plans are really similar. They have daily and weekly plans. AvaInvestment pays 2.8%-3.6% per day and 14-20%% per week. Globas offers 0.2% daily, and 2.8% weekly. Ava`s daily plan is 14 times more profitable and its weekly plan is 5 times more profitable. But you should keep in mind that AvaInvesment pays out your deposit with interest, which means that you will get back 140% in 50 days, and in Globas 106% in 30 days. Your bottom-line profit is going to be just 12% even if you invest twice (which means 60 days). By the way, the minimum amount of money allowed in Ava is just $10, at the same time you need $50 to start making money with Globas. EcommerceJournal gives preference to Ava because it is more profitable and easier to invest in. According to technical characteristics (first of all security) AvaInvestment wins cause it has IP sensitivity detection, but Globas has SSL & DDoS protection service, which is an advantage for Globas. I think that SSL encryption and DDoS protection are more important in this field, because they guarantee availability of the site in general. Well, I personally give preference to Globas. They might operate for at least three months more offering such interest. But I think competitors will be on their way even during such a short period of time.

I decided to make a chart to compare the rest of characteristics:

What was evaluated avainv.com globas.biz
Whois information is hidden is hidden
Interfaces of the websites good customized readymade template
Referral programs 4% 6%
Contact information EMAIL EMAIL
Language availability English only English and Italian
Rating and monitors some monitors almoust not monitored

According to results of the battle, the winner is Ava Investment, because it wins in 4 categories and Globas wins in 3. If I had made my choice three months ago I would have definitely taken into account the results of this analysis. But you should draw your attention to some fresh and new projects now. However if you choose between AvaInv and Globas, I would recommend choosing the more recent one.

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