Updated: 07/14/2010 12:56
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Today I have found rather unexpected warning on a well-known HYIP blog against investing in SolidInv ( Why unexpected? Because according to my short investigation the program doesn’t have any visible signs of coming collapse yet. The program is only a week online, the site is available, their support is online, and there are no scam reports on the program yet.

The only thing that can bother a careful investor is a few monitors claiming SolidInv Waiting status on the program’s rating page. I would like to emphasize the word “careful” in the previous sentence as exactly careful investor can read between the lines. A careful investor wouldn’t be lazy about making a more careful investigation and find out that the program’s online support is actually fake and when you try to reach them there are nobody out there and the status is being changed into offline right after your unfortunate visit. This situation continues for already three days. Considering all the abovementioned I’m afraid scam reports are only a matter of time.

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