Updated: 07/15/2010 10:07
Hyip Monitor
PrivateDiamondClub, which site is still unavailable due to some issues with their hosting provider HushHosting sent today the program regular update

PrivateDiamondClub (, which site is still unavailable due to some issues with their hosting provider HushHosting, has sent today the program's regular update. Apparently some hackers tried to steal funds from PDC. Luckily the program is heavily protected. The program is reported to be back online in 12-30 hours and administration promises they won't disappear. Let's hope for it as anything could happen. Here are the details of the update:

“Dear members, our site was online today for a few hours now it is offline again. And a hacker tried to steal the files. there were protected.
Seems like a normal investment is not wanted on this market. We will be back in 12-30 hours. I could not even finish all payments…Sorry
We wont disappear. But once we are back, we will focus more on bigger Bank Wire and WU members. And offer phone and SMS member account access.
Just in case it will happen again. Strange. We had over one year never a issue with our hosting provider!”

I remind that other HYIPs are also suffering from HushHosting server issues, thus apparently this hosting provider can no longer be considered a reliable one.

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