Updated: 07/15/2010 16:14
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YamaFinance (yamafinance.com) program has been mentioned a lot lately. To be honest, we at HYIPNews.com considered YamaFinance as a potential candidate for making a deposit in. However, we decided to communicate with administration first. And they appeared to be very silent. We`ve sent them three letters, but haven`t received a reply. It is quite disappointing, because the project seems to be really worthy.

Daily payouts are 1.2-1.6% during 110 days or 6.25% weekly during 22 weeks. That`s the construction of your financial success. Money can be invested by either LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney. SWIFT (bank transfer) is also mentioned below, but this way of paying is available for only those investors who make large deposits.

What else is worth our attention at YamalFinance site? There are addresses, phone numbers and a support service. By the way their live support works, we`ve checked it ourselves, but the rest of services don`t. It made us question the actuality of numbers posted on the main page and addresses. That is how the great project shatters confidence of its potential investors. Anyway, we wouldn`t recommend investing in project, administration of which behaves themselves in such way with their audience.

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