Updated: 07/16/2010 20:31
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Many people have already started talking about the beginning of HYIP recovering and maybe they are right. More and more investment projects appear constantly and many of them look attractive. Maybe not as attractive as they could be for you to invest immediately, but quite good to analyze these projects with interest. A big choice of programs is a base for competitive battle and such battle in HYIP investment field makes HYIPs operate longer and pay higher interest. And at long last makes it possible for online investors to earn money. Four programs appeared in “battles of investment projects” this week, and two more will be reviewed on the weekend. Even though most of them are weak in our opinion, still they are options too. And if these options are analyzed by such reputable resource as EcommerceJournal, then you should know about them. Even if we personally don`t recommend these projects or they have comparatively low prospects.

Today such investment funds as and fight in a battle. Each of them has professional staff that can make a good profit on your invested money. In case with Wishmoney this profit is 5% after 1 day (or 16% after 3 days). In case with IPC Fund it is 30% after 2 days. Both projects are almost equal in EJC`s opinion in "investment plans" category, however Wishmoney wins because it offers more logical terms and quicker return of profit. As for me, it is completely obscurely what IPC Fund offers.

Both of sites were created with a simple and cheap engine and neither of them managed to add nothing but IP sensitivity detection for users` data security. Luckily, both analyzed projects are more serious about the security of their sites. Both of them have DDoS protection provided by EzDDoS and BlackLotus.

WhoIs info is hidden, that is why neither of them gets a point.

The interface of both sites is customized by standard tools. IPC Fund has expertly achieved an aim to make its site look dismally and gloomily. If you look “inside” you will see the same picture. That is why in our opinion as well as in ECJ`s, Wishmoney wins in this category. Their design is decorated a little bit better, the menu is easier to navigate and it is simply more pleasant to use their site.

IPC Fund has more attractive referral program, offering 5% which is more than 4% from Wishmoney. But Wishmoney collects much more points in the next category which is called “contact information”. They offer their investors to contact them on phone, by mail and with the help of the official address. On the contrary, IPC Fund has only a mail, which is actually a form of feedback. I personally wouldn't consider it a decent form of feedback. Besides, the situation with monitors is really bad for IPC Fund. They simply don`t exist. Wishmoney has at least Goldpoll... By the way both sites “speak” only English, so neither of them gets a point in this category. But nevertheless Wishmoney is the winner because it collected more points.


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