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Well, finally everything is back in its place. Of course everything was in its place, but not everyone knew about it. It happens quite often that everyone seems to understand what occurring situation is about but don`t have facts or evidence. It has been known for a long time that MNO and had an argument. I think it is clear that the argument was over money. But when we talked about it before, we had to refer to some rumors and to unfounded accusations. That`s the thing about the field we work in. We can rely on such information. However facts and proofs (of course documents would be the best proof) are never odd. The administrator of OilStructure made it very easy for us and we didn`t have to make journalistic investigation to look for explanation. He finally posted the reasons why his program ended up in black-list at And the reason is a fight between MNO and Well, here is a fact, a proof and a document altogether, so that you will believe. A letter from administrator of

Hello admin,
Please note that a "Do NOT Invest Alert" has been issued for your program due to HYIP.COM listing rules violation. Specifically, you have started using the so called services of which has always been an indication of programs' failure and the fact of it is always communicated to the public (see multiple examples here: This is also a reason for the rule which HYIP.COM has in place on incompatibility of listing with any and all servises of MNO.
Please have a little respect to the rules of others!

If we look into it closer we`ll realize that admin is on the warpath of dishonest competitive battle and he forbids his potential clients to advertise themselves at MNO. And everyone will probably consider him a liar and a sharker from this point of view. But we should draw our attention to existence of one more fact and one more document. I mean the announcement at forum, which was posted on January 16, 2010 (

It was written clearly that none of sites which are being advertised at MNO can be promoted at at the same time. The reason of this is really simple: MNO was the FIRST who restricted its client to be promoted on other hyip-related resources! Paul Abramson, who didn`t make loud proclamations ended up to be the one who started this battle and investors became the victims of it.

According to Alex, the moderator of forums and the administrator of project, Paul Abramson accused other participants on the market and wrote untruthful posts about them many times.

We should admit that all Do Not Invest Alerts, which were made by, appeared as a result of misunderstandings and obvious inattention of administrators of high-yield investment projects. Each of them was warned about the impossibility of being promoted at MNO before activating a monitor at Therefore who must be blamed for someone getting such warning?

Thus and so the answer to WHO IS SCAM question, who is to blame and who is bad or good, becomes a personal matter of each of you. It is obvious now that no one made preconceived statements and no one tried to “shut down” one or the other HYIP. This was just a simple violation of in-order of the certain site. It is a territory where no one has a right to tell what to do. Therefore figuring out who started the fight becomes unimportant. Alex states that his actions and his strategy are not aimed to have an effect on investors. He just creates a rule and if the violation of this rule has an effect on investors, than the one who broke the rule is guilty. At long last, it is not the only key to success to be advertised at both MNO and And I personally don`t see any other ways of having influence on offender in case if there are real facts of offend or unqualified work, other than this way. And I think it is right.

At long last the restriction placed by will make investors more attentive and will make them analyze the opinions of even reputable professionals of the market. So, considering this information, the only victim of the strategy is MNO and inattentive (or disobedient) HYIP admins. That is why let`s not throw stones in anyone. Let`s observe and make the right choice.


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