Updated: 07/21/2010 15:26
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As it was predicted in our previous news of LRXFunds (read here: ) the admin of the...

As it was predicted in our previous news of LRXFunds (read here: the admin of the program has just announced the closing of LRXFunds. Despite the reported growth of member base there were not enough deposits to sustain the program's development. The admin decided to close LRXFunds and turn his mind to his another project called SNSAdsClub. According to admin's words all active members of LRXFunds will keep receiving payments till expiry date. While I do hope this promise will be kept I really doubt if it is a good idea to deal with SNSAdsClub as the situation may well recur. Anyway below is the mentioned update from LRXFunds and you may read it in full:

I want to send this IMPORTANT announcement out concerning LRXFunds. This program has began to grow in members but the deposits have been dropping somewhat. I think many people are more secure with our other program SNSAdsClub. So, many more have been making deposits in SNSAdsClub than in LRXFunds. Plus, running both sites is taking a toll on me killing all my time daily.
So, I have decided to CLOSE LRXFunds. If you have deposits in, you will keep earning and I will keep paying as I can.
Other wise I would URGE everyone to go join our main site: SNSAdsClub.
As SNSAdsClub we have a MUST SURF Plan:
30% daily for 4 days=120% and a NON-SURF PLAN (HYIP PLAN) 25% daily for 5 days=125%.
So, as you can see, you can earn just as much or more in SNSAdsClub. Plus that site is doing very, very well with upgrades. SNSAdsClub is over 70 days online and paying every day.
So, get on over there to SNSAdsClub, join and begin to earn.
Please dont send me many emails as I have stated in this message, everyone will continue to earn and be paid as I can get to it.

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