Updated: 07/26/2010 13:37
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On the 20th of July we received a MESSAGE FROM A CLIENT OF SPORTARBS to our support service. The author of the message is Ferry Smit. The next day we found out that Ferry Smit is an investor of He invested more than $1000 and lost this money because of... PerfectMoney. The matter consists in the following: SportArbs, a fair HYIP, dealing with sport events bets. PerfectMoney – is one of the leading Internet payment systems. It was in the list of SportArbs’s payment processors till some point. Then this cooperation has stopped and the program’s accounts were closed. That’s the problem.

The ground for PerfectMoney closing the account can be found here:
We will not post the letter from SportArbs in full, it can be read here:

The main point of PM statement is that Perfect Money Finance Corp. doesn’t have any liabilities to SportArbs, who are obviously Ponzi, and that is why their accounts were closed. The main point of SportArbs statement is that their money has been stolen. As the result the program’s investors got hurt. What is really curious is that PM decides who are Ponzi and who are not. It is curious that SportArbs being supposedly a legal program can’t influence PM anyhow. But if it is remembered that the matter is taken place in the field of HYIP-net, I guess all curious things can be forgotten.

It’s usual practice.


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