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This week was rather quite in the industry, there were no noted collapses or juicy scandals. Yet the week was busy. Apparently HYIP market is really going to heal itself. Anyway HYIPNews.com had a lot of work to do. First of all we have added a few young and promising HYIPs to our Monitoring list namely Perfect Money (perfectmoney.us) (it should not be confused with Perfect Money payment processor), JointProfit Investment (jointprofit.com) and Flamanta Company (flamanta.com).

The week was also notable for us as we have officially launched a new informational platform of HYIPNews.com. Now, on a regular basis our readers will be getting video informational packages that explain the major trends of the investment market and reviews of the major players on this market. All readers are welcomed to visit the official HYIPNews.com video channel on YouTube here http://www.youtube.com/hyipreview and leave your comments and video responses as every opinion is important for us. More details on New Informational Platform of HYIPNews.com can be found here: New Informational Platform of HYIPNewscom

As usually for HYIPNews.com we have added more HYIP articles in the course of our educational program. This week we talked about what an investor should know before starting to make money online with HYIP (Important Knowledge for Online Moneymaking with HYIP) and what errors should he/she avoid while investing online (Main Errors and Lessons of HYIP Online Investor)

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Last week we compared another two programs as part of battles of investment projects. This time two HYIPs competing were Barclays Gain or Instant Union. Both sites are working and can be still considered as investment opportunities. As to general security standards nobody won as neither of the projects has SSL or DDoS. Yet in the course of reviewing the winner was pretty obvious. To know the rest please read the news: BETTER INVESTMENT PROJECT Barclays Gain or Instant Union

HYIPNews.com has finally published the 2nd issue of Scam HYIP Monitors Rating. Unfortunately unqualified work is still popular in high-yield investment field and we've noticed lots of outrageous cases of monitors losing a track of events (whether on purpose or not) since we posted the 1st Issue of Scam HYIP Monitors Rating (SCAM HYIP MONITORS RATING 1st ISSUE).

This issue is not as full of scam monitors as the previous one yet it is definitely worth your attention so please read it here: SCAM HYIP MONITORS RATING 2ST ISSUE

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As to other news of the industry the coast was relatively clear except for RedOrchidInvest having server issues (RedOrchidInvest SERVER ISSUES), Final Earn delaying payouts (FINAL EARN PAYOUT DELAYS) lately explained by the program being under fraudsters attack (FINAL EARN FRAUD ATTACK). We have also receive one scam report this week and found out that Fix1000.com and Fire-profit.com are not paying to their members so no investments are advisable (Fix1000com and Fireprofitcom SCAMS).

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Keep your eyes open and good luck.
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