Updated: 07/31/2010 13:50
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There are two very young projects in todays confrontation of investment projects. The first one,, was launched a month ago. The second one,, has been running for only 10 days. As you can see the difference is obvious, but still those are not long terms. Therefore I think that both of projects are young. They are young and self-confident. Both of them offer quite high interest of daily payouts. It is more than 3% daily.
Of course it is a feature of short-term projects. Investing in such projects in summer is a huge risk but let's see who is considered to be better according to the editorial staff of EJC.

Worldwidefund offers 6%, 6.6% and 7.5% daily for 100 days and if you have $1 you can make a deposit. Niyainvest offers 5% daily for 50 days. The minimum is $5. So who is better in your opinion? I would say the one who is safer. The risk is almost the same in case of both 2% or 3% and that is why 3% is better than 2%. But when we are talking about 5% and 6% we must make a choice between huge and super huge risk. So who is better? According to ECJ the one with super huge risk is better, meaning Worldwidefund.

Sites of both programs are quite simple. There aren't any tools which provide security for procedure of authorizing clients. There is nothing protecting sites in general ( they are not on a dedicated server, they also do not have DDoS protection and SSL encryption). Website security features are not satisfying. Therefore no one wins in these two categories. As I like to say : “only investor loses”.

In a category where interfaces of the sites are evaluated the winner is Worldwidefund. It has come up with at least something on its site: changed the font, reformatted the content. However I think it is made by well-known GoldCoders for $100. If I am not mistaken. So what kind of script it is? In general it is not important. It wasn't difficult to beat Niya Invest out because they did nothing on their site. Just posted texts and described the plans.
Worldwidefund has an address on its site in contacts section which makes it a winner in "Contact Information" category. Hurray. It seems to me it is the first project with address among those who took part in Battle of Investment Projects. The language is the same. It is English and it is template (meaning all texts on sites are typical). Monitors are cheap and there are few of them. Neither of them wins in this category. But it is clear that after all the winner is The one which involves super huge risk.


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