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There is a strong competition between programs offering fast return of profit and principals. These projects have formed a special type of investment offer which most tend to refer to short-term type of investments. And that means investing after three months of program work is dangerous. Yet there are more and more cases when programs continue paying even after four and five months.

Luckily FinalEarn whose representatives we are going to talk with today has been working for 15 days only. Therefore they have the world before them. If you want to get your money back fast – this is one of the best variants right now. So let's give Allen, the owner of the FinalEarn, the opportunity to tell us everything about the company. (HN): Allen, you are the owner of the FinalEarn project, please tell about other members of your team? What do they do and what are their functions?
FinalEarn (FE): We have an advertiser and a payment controller. I did a lot of research into online investment projects before deciding to open FinalEarn and know I can say I'm familiar this kind of operation. I haven't actually managed a project personally before but I have some experienced assistants on my team helping my run it.

HN: As far as I know your project started its work this summer. Why did you open the program now, in low season? Don't you think it's dangerous?
FE: Why dangerous? For admins who want run them sites in low days (5 days - 1 month) it's really dangerous. But for me that i can manage it for more than 3 months easily it's very easy to manage.

HN: Please tell exactly what terms do you offer to your clients? What plans do you have now?
FE: We are offering two investment plans. First is 115% after 3 Days. Minimum investment in this plan is $4 and the max is $50,000. 3 days means 3 calendar days by the way. When the term expires you will receive your earnings to your account and you can withdraw it any time. Second plan is 140% After 7 Days. Minimum investment is $10 and the max is the same as the first plan. 7 Days is again calender days. Also your earnings will be added on expiry, not daily. The 7 day plan is more popular because of the higher returns.

HN: The site's design looks as if something is missing between your plans. Before or after them. Are you going to add more plans in the future? If so, what would it be and when?
FE: No we will not change any plan or add new one. We will continue with this stable plans. That plans are easy to manage or Profitable for our members.

HN: How and with what e-currencies the deposit can be made in FinalEarn?
FE: At this time we only accept payment from Alertpay, libertyreserve and Perfectmoney. But in near times we will add STP Too.

HN: What is the investment procedure? What a person should do to make his/her money working?
FE: They only need to add their monies to one of our offered plans and after end of plan period login to his/her account and withdraw his/her money.

HN: By the way Allen, could you tell how and where exactly the investors' money would work? What gives the opportunity to earn so much and so fast?
FE: We invest in the ForEx markets. Full details of our trading activities will be sent to all active FinalEarn members in due course.

HN: How can you provide financial stability and security of your system and investors' funds?
FE: As you know our hosting provider is DDOSWIZ. They have vast experience in preventing DOS and hacking attacks. They are keeping FinalEarn on a dedicated Staminus server. I asked the advice of several other HYIP admins who have enough experience and most of them rated to this site very highly. I think they are one of the top three HYIP hosting providers. also about script: We are using a script licensed from GoldCoders. GC is more famous than all the others because of so many flexible options and good security. It allows us to manage our funds and users and settings better and also our members have more choices to work with us.

HN: Is there any system insuring the invested funds against risks?
FE: In all HYIPs there are a risk. So don't spend any money that you can't cover to lost.

HN: What are the plans of your development? What should your members and potential investors expect in the nearest future?
FE: We will keep this program for the long time and because of that we want our members support us by voting in HYIP Monitors and Posting in Famous Forums and also inviting other investors to our site.

HN: Would you like to add or say anything to all readers and online investors?
FE: All I really want to add for now is that FinalEarn is going to be very different from other sites. Our reserve funds are in place to keep the project online even longer and our skill in advertising and management will make this project the best HYIP on the net today. If you lost even one day if means you lost money. So best way for investors is to choose FinalEarn.

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