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When we write our news we use a large number of information sources. They are investors, agents, forums and other network resources

When we write our news we use a large number of information sources. They are investors, agents, forums and other network resources. Led by journalistic ethics, we try to check the information and use only that information which is at first hand. We also understand the necessity of having evidence for any accusations and allegations. However, unfortunately very few authors walk by such rules therefore the Internet is full of low-quality information. It is almost impossible to check or to trace all of it that is why we have to risk. Unfortunately, some kind of negative aura has been formed around SolidTrustPay and it is difficult to break from those bonds. But we will try to do it, because practically none of the accusations, which you can find on the Internet are real. Yes, yes, they are not only unverified or with no evidence provided, but simply fake!

In fact, if we take a closer look, most of the accusations are about phishing emails, which can happen to any payment currency. From time to time scammers send out letters which aim to receive your data to access LibertyReserve, PerfcetMoney and of course... SolidTrustPay. One of such letters was sent out in 2007 and caused a commotion. It was not just a proposal to change the password or look at personal account. It was sent with the virus, which collected your information and sent it to fraudsters. According to Secunia Corporation and a person named Alex Loiens, SolidTrustPay did nothing to protect its clients. But the truth is that Alex Loiens does not exist and does not work in this company.

It happened that most of the "free" payment systems are used by people for the purposes which these payment systems are not supposed to be used for. Of course, I mean different ways of scam, as well as transfers which should not be made. It also often happens that people don't take their registration seriously and register using fake personal information. And lots of complaints appear when problems occur. And, of course, accusations are addressed to "offender".

By the way, a couple of clients of SolidTrustPay repeatedly published a number of negative reviews associated with such cases. By breaking terms of user agreement they insist on justice which means breaking a law by STP. And of course they consider themselves deceived and their money stolen. Denise Mahoney, a specialist of Investigations and Compliance Dept, says that the account was stolen from one of the clients registered under a fake name. He appealed to Investigations and Compliance Dept and his account was blocked and he even got it back, but the procedure was not completed. At some point this customer disappeared and became the enemy of STP, posting negative messages on different forums and sites. Fortunately, there are few of such examples but the consequences are usually very deplorable.

Investigations and Compliance Dept of SolidTrustPay is a special department established to deal with problems that may cause customer ill-will. Anyone who has any problems can write them and get a solution to their problem quite quickly. We have personally checked the work of this department. Denise Mahoney provided an effective assistance and helped a lot. So if you have problems and you didn't get an answer here or you have any evidence - it may be worthy of accusation. In other respects, it seems, all old negative messages are nothing more than fake (black PR or not) or have been solved a lot time ago.


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