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Read through the interview with Raul Lopez, responsible for customer and public relation within Seewest Holding Limited company is a real trading and profitable investments plans. It is a new program of the summer with worthy potential. In the following conversation we managed to know all the team of the project, to find out how they make 25% per month and what do they offer to investors. (HN): Hi, Raul, please tell our readers a bit about yourself, your role within the program. What are your main duties in swprofits and what experience do you have in this field? (SP): Hello, I'm Raul Lopez, and I'm responsible for customer and public relation within Seewest Holding Limited company. I mostly deal with e-mail correspondence and advertisement supervision. I worked in several financial related companies in this position, also was active as a free lance journalist covering Forex and related topics.

HN: And what about the team of swprofits? Is it big? How do you share the tasks in running the project?
SP: Our team is quite big. I will introduce it now.
Paola di Sabatino helps me with customer relations issues, she covers mostly internet forums and social networks.
Our C.F.O Abraham Golzmer controls all our aggregate financial flows, he takes care of most of the accounting issues .
Vassilios Papandopulos is our C.E.O. Our company was started by him, he financed all initial stages of our development. He is in control of strategic questions, supervising all of the aspects of Seewest holding activities.
Dr. Lewis J. Fortesque is our senior trader. He supervises our traders performance, distributes funds between traders. Also he is responsible for risk management and diversification.

Our traders:
Nikolaos Apollis
Denisa Verto
David Karpenter
Fritz Werner
Andrew Bovensky
Jocelin Fournier

Our traders use different trading techniques, doing both automated and manual trading, and trading on very different time-frames - from minutes to weeks. Our traders have at least seven year experience trading Forex.

This is our website support team:
Ma ‘hen Tai
Petar Mirovic

HN: Concerning the program how did you come up with the decision of launching swprofits? What is the history of its development till this moment? What was the main purpose of forming the program?
SP: The main idea behind was attracting more investors to increase our leverage and thus reduce our risks.
We started working on our online presence at the beginning of the year. We carefully thought out our investment plans, they are made to be stable and risk-free.

HN: Can you tell our readers how exactly do you make money for the program and its active members? In what field do you invest?
SP: We trade Forex. We do not trade stocks or other markets, we only do Forex. It is quite versatile and potentially very profitable due to the highest leverage among all financial markets.

HN: Please describe swprofits investment plans? What are the minimum and maximum amounts for investment? How much an investor can earn and how fast? What do you think is your best plan?
SP: All of our plans run for 50 trading days. The only difference between them is the investment amount. We pay from 3% to 5% daily depending on the deposit. The principle is included in daily payouts and is not returned at the end of the plan. The good thing about these plans is the fact that an investor breaks even very fast and makes profit already after one month of participation. At the same time this payment structure is also suitable for us, since all cash flows turn out to be smooth, and we're not in risk of lack of liquidity.

HN: What is the list of payment systems/ecurrencies accepted by swprofits? Do you plan to add more payment options in the future?
SP: At the moment we use,,, and bank wires. We do plan to add a couple of other systems in future.

HN: Tell about the program's hosting, what is its script, who did the design? What anti-DDoS protection do you have? Are the investors' funds duly secured?
SP: We use custom script, dedicated DDOS protected hosting, our design is also made in-house. Our server is very robust, all security measures have been carefully implemented.

HN: What about the means of communication with your members? Do you have Live Chat, Support Tickets? Is it easy to reach you?
SP: Yes. We have 24/7 live chat, emails are answered three to five times per day, also we are available on the phone during business hours.

HN: What makes swprofits special? What are its distinctive features and benefits as against other HYIPs?
SP: We offer very reasonable plans. You can make money with us really fast. At the same time risks are very low. We do trade forex, not just say that we do. You can check our trading results at our website.

HN: Is there something you would like to add to our conversation? What would you like to say to readers or wish to them? Maybe to encourage them to invest in swprofits?
SP: I wouldn't like to boast about our program too much and make your readers invest with us. We are there to stay, so keep an eye on us and see how we develop. There's much more to come!

Raul Lopez special for
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