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Read the Interview with Laura, Head and Public Relations Manager of OilStructure. Learn abotu the performance of OilStructure

1. HYIPNews.com (HN): Hi, a traditional question first. Please introduce yourself and tell our readers a bit about yourself, your role within the project. What are your main duties in OilStructure and what experience do you have in this field?
OilStructure (OS): My name is Laura. I work as Advertising Department Head and Public Relations Manager. I also provide lifetime support on MMG. Please see my MMG profile here: http://www.moneymakergroup.com/-m218849.html

2. HN: The question of the hour for our readers is your issue with HYIP.com. Please tell whether you managed to resolve the problem and close it?
OS: The admin of HYIP.com set the 'NOT PAYING' monitoring status of the program in order to compromise the reputation of Oilstructure. Perhaps, he considers Oilstructure a scam that depends on deposits of new investors, and will be closed as soon as it has no possibility to pay to current investors. But Oilstructure doesn't depend on invested amounts. We earn real money by investing in the real business. That is why we don't pay much attention to that monitoring status.

3. HN: How did this situation affect the development of your project and will there be any consequences in the future?
OS: The 'Not paying' status at HYIP.com doesn't affect our business activity. Please, read the topic here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r298366-.html As you can see, this topic was viewed more than 3,019 times, and we give this link to any investor interested in Hyip.com issue. Now everybody knows the 'Not Paying' status is false. And, it seems, the situation is on our side.

HN: Your project has rather interesting investment offer. The interest received by an investor depends on term of allocation. At first investor receives 2%, then 2.1, and 2.4% net profit in 300 days. Where these plans are coming from and due to what you can afford paying such returns?
OS: Profit rates are coming from Global Information and Analysis Center (GIAC) - I can't exactly say how does it work. If I give you step-by-step instruction you may open another 'Oilstrucutre' next day, and I'll lose my work place at Oilstructure.

5. HN: As far as I know your site attendance is comparable to leading projects of HYIP industry, it is not lower than the goldpoll.coms. Is this a result of your marketing campaign or you simply have this popular investment offer?
OS: The popularity of our investment offer is related to the realities of our business. I suppose 99% of so called 'hyip' programs are scams and just financial pyramids. I'm not alone with this thing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-yield_investment_program 'HYIP operators generally set up a website offering an "investment program" promising returns as high as 45% per month or 6% a day, disclosing little or no detail about the underlying management, location, or other aspects of how money is to be invested'. You can also check this alert: http://www.finra.org/Investors/ProtectYourself/InvestorAlerts/FraudsAndScams/P121728?utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=scam&utm_campaign=HYIPalert High-yield investment programs (HYIPs) are unregistered investments created and touted by unlicensed individuals. Typically offered through slick (and sometimes not-so-slick) websites, HYIPs dangle the contradictory promises of safety coupled with high, unsustainable rates of return20, 30, 100 or more percent per daythrough vague or murky trading strategies.

I don't like HYIPs at all. We have never mentioned we are something like a HYIP, because, on my opinion, the HYIP means scam. I'm just trying to do a successful business online, that will be able to pay out all profits to all investors in case of it's closure. Yes, we placed many links at the rating programs together with HYIPs. But in that case we had no choice, because these ratings and forums like TG, MMG, DTM have many potential investors.

6. HN: What script is used on your site? What are its peculiarities, benefits and disadvantages?
OS: Sorry, but I don't know anything about script. Our site was launched for staff in January, 2010 and everything was exactly like now. As I understand, it was a special order to some studio located in India. Web-design was also made there, but Oilstructure logo was designed by someone from our staff.

HN: Is OilStructure (rather site oilstructure.com) well protected? And with what?
OS: The investment offer number one should be protected. We accept DDoS attack daily, but as you can see with the help of Lord God and BlockDos.net we are still online and our investors don't face any problem.

8. HN: ExchengeZone, placed on your site, is just a blog which tells where investors can exchange e-money or you are somehow related to exchangezone.com project?
OS: Yes, we are somehow related to exchangezone.com project, but it's not ours.

9. HN: Please tell what are the nearest plans of your development? What innovations are on agenda?
OS: What should your members and potential investors expect in the nearest future? I suppose our investors should expect only their profits, and nothing special.

10. HN: Is there something you would like to add to our conversation? What would you like to say to HYIPNews.com readers or wish to them? Maybe to encourage them to invest in OilStructure?
OS: As I already said, I found out that most of HYIPs are scams. My wishes to your readers are very short. 'Think! It means everybody must use his own head, and don't trust just the words! If you want to be successful here, you have to think!

Starting from today we open a new heading - 10 QUESTIONS TO... According to its title we will be asking programs administrators 10 questions concerning their project in general and its current work. Our 10 questions will somehow resemble an interview namely its first and the last two questions where we meet the programs representatives and their plans for development. The rest of the questions will differ from the ones in an interview and will not concern the programs presentation (i.e. wont be the ones which are used to be called interview questions). We invite everybody to send their questions to any program.

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