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Unfortunately, the field of HYIP investments is, in fact, quite closed. Everyone knows everything and the order of things hasnt been changed for years...

Unfortunately, the field of HYIP investments is, in fact, quite closed. Everyone knows everything and the order of things hasnt been changed for years. But it seems so only at first glance. In fact HYIP industry is constantly developing and changing. Investors preferences and strategies are changing as well as the rules of the game. Information field is also changing. More than 30 blogs which simply didnt exist a year ago are operating now!

And the first HYIP Admins Chat session was held on August 9, 2010. It was arranged by Lea Gao in her chatbox (she is the owner of and The event took place on Monday, at 6 P.M. Hong Kong Time. Such admins as: Mario (EthanolB / Bestethanol), Tish (AMF Limited), Michael (ArbsBetting) were present. Of course Lea was present, a couple of flaxtalk readers and I was there too. Thus, hyipnews and flaxtalk were the representatives of mass-media. I do not know whether Lea planned such competition on her own territory, but I showed up there as soon as I heard about a chat. With no questions and no slightest idea how the chatbox on vBulletin works :) but with great interest. I hope I didnt ruin the conversation by starting figuring out some nuances with Mario, the administrator of EthanolB, with whom we are making a video review...

A lot of interesting and useful questions were asked during quite active communication. The conversation started with the discussion of the crisis, of course, which is not admitted by administrators, in fact. It was interesting to find out that the crisis is almost not noticeable from their positions. They are okay with the number of investors and they have enough work to do. But do not forget that we communicated with successful admins. As we discovered later, they all believe that active and qualitative communication is one of the main differences between a good admin and a bad one... well, then these are the best:)

ArbsBetting admin mentions on his website that he is not interested in offers from monitors. I wanted to find out why and I didnt. But it turned out that none of those present administrators are interested in advertising. This is not surprising cause their relationships with investors are based on almost a friendly basis. Ritish Dorai knows the 80% of his investors. But this is a completely different category of projects and it is even difficult to call them HYIP. Actually, not many of them call themselves so.

For example, each of them accepts payments with bank wire transfer. Michael said that the minimum for such payments is ... $ 250. I think this is a record. I have never seen such an affordable option for making a deposit via the bank.

In general, the conversation turned to be very sincere. Administrators also discussed the policy of different HYIPs, agreed that the DDoS is not used everywhere now (thank God). And they wished all investors all the luck in the world. Im giving you all their wishes. Unfortunately, the administrator of Flamanta (the project that looks a lot like GeniusFunds) was not present. But I hope that next Monday he will appear. welcomes Lea Gaos initiative with great joy and promises to support this idea in all possible ways. We will keep you informed by posting announcements of upcoming sessions, as well as reports on past meetings. And I hope there will be a lot of them in the future.


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