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We continue comparing different investment projects. This time we will compare MaxiCash and Orbistrends I should say that the battle of this

We continue comparing different investment projects. This time we will compare MaxiCash and Orbistrends. I should say that the battle of this particular investment project is quite interesting. First of all, because the chosen competitors are finally quite reputable and in fact have really comparable weight. We are also making a video review of Orbistrends and any additional information is very useful for us.

MaxiCash.Biz or Maxi Cash, Ltd. has 4 plan and all of them with duration of 14 days and with ROI which is from 28% to 49%, depending on the amount of the deposit. Accordingly, every day you will receive from 2% to 3.5% at MaxiCash. Orbistrends offers longer term plans with duration of 30 days and profit of 0.5% per day. The interest is not fixed. Thus MaxiCash is more risky but more profitable. The risk is even more apparent now considering the fact that MaxiCash has been online for about 4 months and we recommend being cautious in your preferences. Anyway, you should understand all risks when you start an investment game. Typically, the programs which offer higher interest operate for a shorter period of time than those which offer lower interest.

Both of the compared investment projects have one feature in the “log in security features” category. It is an IP sensitivity tool for Maxicash, and a virtual keyboard for OrbisTrends. Both projects have two features in “security of site”. They are SSL encryption and DDoS protection at MaxiCash and SSL and dedicated server at Orbistrends. So it is stand-off in the case with security,though, of course, DDoS protection is not needed a lot now, since DDoS is almost not used. We discussed this issue on the meeting with the administrators of projects (, and now everything is relatively calm.

Orbistrends, unlike MaxiCash provides its WhoIS information publicly, therefore becomes the winner in this category. Evaluation of sites appearance is, of course, a subjective thing, and I personally like neat and professional Orbistrends. Programs use the same scripts and MaxiCash simply placed all information in order. They did the right thing, but yet business-like style, a calculator at Orbistrends are more preferable for me.

The situation with monitors is also much better for Orbistrends. They are on the 3-rd place at and hyipexplorer and they are twice higher than MaxiCash at goldpoll. The amount of deposits is also much higher.

Hopefully, this comparison will help you to make the right choice and this choice will bring you profit.

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