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As you know almost all HYIP investors(95%) lose shift, would like you to test your possibilities on winning, simply answer questions...

As you know almost all HYIP investors(95%) lose shift, would like you to test your possibilities on winning, simply answer questions lower on the page and you find out whether you are ready for HYIP investing:

So the first one which has over the barrel is:

Do you follow other investors heart?
So, if your answer is positive then you are to finish for the worse and your loosing streaks will never end up.

Do you think that your cleverness and doing whole hog will get you to the bottom of winning?
If you accept, you have kittens. Cause doing hard not hold a forth success, only being right with trading signal and the correct simple strategy to stick may do so.

Do you think you can predict a HYIP cycle moves?

"Y"? Nope! It's the delusion, cause cycle trends are creations of humans and have a way with investors emotions. But hang in! you may still invest into a cycle while moving, you will miss the first part, but you are still in a great chance of winning, if you got just 50% of very major up ward cycle trend, still you would be very rich. To lay on the line investing is not only about to hop at the very beginning of a cycle.

Do you think you can get monthly salary by HYIPs?
And again it's the myth as you can't always win profits, you may do it in one month, but not every single month over year, everyone has a time, so do not rely on HYIPs as on permanent job in a pig's eye.

Can you honest to goodness be responsible for all moves you make?

The successful investor can make his bed and lie in it not following anyone.

Do you think you can make a killings and why?

The answer is positive if you have your outperformed & graceful strategy, no need to overexert, the master key is diligence in adhering to the plan. also would like to provide you with three transparent & tailored tips to follow & not to make a common misstep:

1. Do not go out on a lamb when you see scam signs, but see fit & rat out and pull out all your revenue and do not wait for a cycle to play on you all at once, that may cost you all your initially invested capital.

2. Always sail windward with a cycle, never try invest against a cycle trend, let it ran its course and your profit will only expand.

3. Always look sharp for current news, read 'lock, stock and barrel' and shell out not laying aside, cause fresh news lead to the big investors strategy changes and this bring about a cycle trend variations and it's the best time to get in a HYIP to have an ear for.

Do not try to catch a cycle when it goes downward in order to recoup, this is either very common mistake, remember restrain your emotions. Better take a break, take your mind of HYIPs and concentrate on your real life businesses and simply keep abreast of the situation, ambush & when you will feel lock up and everything goes well, only then invest again.

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