Updated: 08/12/2010 11:15
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The editorial staff of received a complaint from our reader on August 4, 2010 about Global Digital Pay

The editorial staff of received a complaint from our reader on August 4, 2010. He informed us that the payment processor Global Digital Pay makes it impossible for him to withdraw his money. He said that he tried to withdraw money from GDP via the exchange service Goldexpay in April, 2010. However, it did not work. The Support Service remains silent according to him and there is nothing he can do. decided to help. This news was posted the same day:

The next day we received a letter from the administrator of exchange service Goldexpay. He gave us his contact details and requested information about the reader who complained. We contacted this reader, let's call him J, and asked whether it is okay to provide his personal information to the representatives of Goldexpay. Of course, we provided contact information and informed about the desire of Goldexpay to help in this situation.

Goldexpay checked the data, which J gave and confirmed that this client is registered in their system and made some transactions. The latest transaction was buying Global Digital Pay currency on

April 10. He also tried to withdraw money in June and July, but these attempts weren't successful. In fact, in terms of currency exchange service, the situation looked like J has ordered a withdrawal of his money, but he hasn't accomplished those operations. Meaning he simply didn't pay.

The representative of the Global Digital Pay ( contacted us yesterday asking for information on J. And Michelle, the representative of GDP made a guess that the problem occurred because of the PIN verification or something like that. Well, it seems like that's what really happened.

We think, all three members of the conflict (or we should call it a problem situation) should be in touch. In any case, all three members are in touch with now and we don't see any reasons why the problem can't be solved. It is clear that no one is hiding or lying at the moment. On the contrary, not only GDP but even Goldexpay showed great responsibility and actively got involved in the process of solving the problem. We hope for a quick result. So keep a track of our news.

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