Updated: 08/13/2010 09:04
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This time we are comparing two investment programs, one of which is called Vintech Inc, and another one is Earn Groups. You can find the first one at and another one at When I opened these two sites, I felt "very, very surprised" (it is the best way to describe how I felt) Do you feel the intrigue, when you look at these two sites? Do you think about which one of them is better? Do you guess where to invest and where not to? If yes, then you are a very bad investor and you should not invest in HYIP. So do not invest in HYIP. Because if you have a thought: "maybe I should invest in” then you have already doomed to loosing money.

Despite this we, of course, will analyze all the pros and contras regarding these two investment projects as we are diligent collectors and analyzers of information regarding online investing. And let's start with investment plans, of course. According to EcommerceJournal, the winner is Earngroup, because they offer plans with a return after 30 days. In Vintech the minimum period is 50 days.

Earngroups has IP sensitivity tool but Vintech has virtual keyboard. IP sensitivity tool became so common recently that I suspect that Goldcoders has made it a default option. Unfortunately, I did not find this information at Goldcoders site and they haven't replied to my email yet. So, I can't say how significant this improvement is, but no one won in "log in security features" category because of it. Therefore it is 1-1

But Vintech is an obvious winner in the quality of site security. They've got SSL and DDoS protection and their site is even on dedicated server. I wouldn't expect anything from such a project as Earngroups but it turns out they have a DDoS protection. WhoIS information is closed by WhoisGuard at both projects.

I think the matters regarding design and appearance are clear without explanation. By the way, even though Vintech looks great, it is also a template, but the one which is simply well-adjusted. The only thing that is a bit annoying is that you have to move the slider to the left-right, but it is pleasure to work with the site. Vintech also offers a profitable referral program so that there is even more pleasure. You can earn 5% for every deposit you refer. The commission is 2% at Earngroups. English is the only available language at both sites. There are not so many monitors (no rating pages) but in general there are enough of them and the statuses are positive.

Vintech is the winner in this battle. If you were thinking differently before you read this, we repeat: do not invest in HYIP. Under no circumstances.


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