Updated: 08/13/2010 14:35
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Warning, FinalEarn is officially closed. Learn about the steps to take if you are scammed We can only blame our bad luck in case with FinalEarn

" is scam there are not paying, its already 24 hours after i request payout, but not received yet, i had sent a support ticket about payout 2 times. i haven`t received and reply from final earn, its scam its scam, don`t invest in it, i am going to complaint finalearn to libertyreserve and alertpay. to block their accounts, i lost my 20 dollars here.o am lost."

Unfortunately it is true. FinalEarn is officially closed and there is no way back. And unfortunately it is impossible to help our reader and anyone else who lost their money because of the closure of this HYIP. We can only blame our bad luck in case with FinalEarn because the program seemed to be promising and the situation was stable. Well, sure FinalEarn was a short-term program but it appeared to be extra short-term. It is that kind of situation when risks were reasonable but everything turned out to be not as we didn't expect. We have already wrote about the reasons why the project was closed and you can read about it here:

Of course it is necessary to contact payment processors and e-currencies but unfortunately there is almost no hope for a happy ending in such cases. The best thing you can do if you are scammed by HYIP is to learn your lesson. Meaning to clearly understand what your mistake was. Think about every step that led you to this loss. If you find out that your mistakes are systematic and similar, you need to change your strategy. Because that's what the problem is. Think of investing in HYIP as not just a game, but as trading. You're not going to complain to the police if the trend goes against you and you lose money? The investigation and legal proceedings can be done only where the leads are. Only with large and famous projects. The efforts to investigate small projects are usually pointless and cost-based.

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