Updated: 08/16/2010 17:27
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Today we have received a newsletter from the administration of FenixTrust. It says that their website is now available in Chinese

Today we have received a newsletter from the administration of FenixTrust (fenixtrust.com). It says that their website is now available in Chinese. I think it is a great news for all Chinese-speaking users and a great advantage of FenixTrust as we all know that Chinese language becomes one of the most important languages in business world. So FenixTrust has made a smart move.

The administration of FenixTrust also says that they are going to develop the project and to become a leader on the online investment market. So if you have any suggestions on how to improve the program you are welcome to express them by contacting Support Service.

It is also announced that things are going better than expected and profits are growing. Well, this is great news and we are happy that everything is going great.

Fenixtrust has been online for more than three months and we have been monitoring it almost right from the beginning (for 88 days). Its current status is PAYING as well as on all other famous monitors. However there is one which shows NOT PAYING status. It is hyipinvestment.com. Actually, we were very surprised when we saw it, therefore decided to contact both Fenixtrust administration and the admin of hyipinvestment monitor Steven immediately. Now we are waiting for their replies and will inform you about this situation as soon as we receive them.

We hope it is just a mistake, because the program pays out constantly, shows great results and there is no evidence which would prove the opposite. We think that accuracy is very important in case with monitoring HYIPs, because we care about our readers' money and want them to have the most update and accurate information.

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