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In fact, we rarely have to compare two specific projects and to select the better one in real life. And if we do have, the first thing we should do is...

In fact, we rarely have to compare two specific projects and to select the better one in real life. And if we do have, the first thing we should do is to select the equivalent competitors. Otherwise, what is the practical significance of comparison? There is no sense in comparing. That is why,, makes it possible to objectively evaluate the probability of making profit in a particular case basing on the comparison of investment projects by Ecommerce-Journal. Meaning not only to provide statistical information but to understand it correctly. Today we compare Stoura ( and YamaFinance (

It becomes clear that the fight will be serious at first glance at the sites of these projects . Anyway, there is no essential difference between these project as it was in case with comparing OrbisTrends and MaxiCash (/news/2010/08/11/better-investment-project-orbistrends-or-maxicash/17484) or that ridiculous comparison of Vintech Inc and EarnGorups (/news/2010/08/13/better-investment-project-vintech-inc-or-earn-groups/17492)

In the case of and everything is not that simple.

Both projects have nearly the same plans. They are daily, starting with 1.2% profit. At Stoura the plan ends after 150 days, while at Yamafinance after 100 days. Thus Yamafinance looks more profitable, because your money will get back to you quicker. +1 for Yamafinance. When you log in at, you will be able to use the virtual keyboard. In addition, you can tie your account to your IP. However, there are no such features at . +1 for Stoura.

Yamafinance has SSL protection on its site. In addition, the site is on a dedicated server. Due to this it gains another point because Stoura has only DDoS protection. As to WhoIS information, both sites provide it.

Design is, of course, a subjective evaluation, but according to the EJC the site of Yamafinance is more organized and informative. Although the design of both projects is very good. In addition, there are phone numbers, addresses and live support on Yamafinance site and there aren't any of those on Stoura site. And the fact that there is only English language interface at does not add it any points. Thus, the winner is Yamafinance. Although it has been online for two months while Stoura has been operating for only a month.

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