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So, another chatsession took place at Flaxtalk the day before yesterday. It happened at 8 P.M. Hong Kong Time in chatbox at . We wrote...

So, another chat-session took place at Flaxtalk the day before yesterday. It happened at 8 P.M. Hong Kong Time in chatbox at We wrote about these chat sessions last Tuesday. They will now be held regularly on Mondays (it was informed about some changes in schedule yesterday and I'll tell about them below). The essence of these "gatherings" is very simple. This is a place where investors and administrators meet. And the second of them was held last Monday.

As the main guests of these meetings are, of course, administrators I think we should start with them. This time the administrators of Arbsbetting, AMF Limited, EthanolB and William Family were present in chat. The administrators of Flamanta (James), WBwso and Yamafinance were also expected but they did not come. Lea assures that there were 400 spectators, however only a few of them were involved in debate. But that's good, because more participants would have made normal conversation impossible in a current format . Oh yes, the representative of KODDos (hosting and DDoS protection), Ronald (administrator) was also present.

The first topic of discussion was, alas, the crisis. We have already mentioned in our newsletter 91 that the crisis was over. But I have to say that the discussion of crisis is still going. Fortunately, all administrators said that there is no crisis. In particular, the situation with DDoS attacks still seems to be very positive. Although, it should be noted that the development of DDoS protection services played its role in it. There are very few HYIPs which do not have this kind of protection.

In case with promotional tools, a leading role was given to communication (in fact personal communication), promotion is on the second place. Even monitors seems to be losing their positions and administrators are less and less interested in them. The support services of programs which admins were present in chat and how they organize their day were also discussed.

Now chats will be held twice a week. One will focus on a specific topic and another on general stuff. It seems that the idea of Lea Gao takes a serious turn and we can only welcome any innovations. I also should say that monitoring script which had been discussed for so long has been finally launched at today. Well, on behalf of we welcome Lea in the family of non-standard monitors, which I am sure are taking high-yield investing to a new level.

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