Updated: 08/19/2010 17:02
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The day before we informed you that the websites of such programs as OSVINC (osvinc.com) and HOX (hox.biz) were broken and had not been functioning properly (you can read about it here: HOX and OSVINC are Ready to Close. It was impossible to login and to contact the administration. Well, pretty soon (within a few days) everything was back to normal. Both sites started working and even pending payouts were made. It seemed like the situation was great yesterday. However HOX has stopped paying again today.

Unfortunately, we don't have any information that would explain what is happening with the websites of these programs. The administration is stubbornly continuing being silent. Everything is okay with functionality of hox.biz currently, however, there are no payouts. This is partly casts a shadow on OSVINC, which makes its fate rather ambiguous. We think it is better to wait until Monday and of course you should not invest in HOX. You can still see on forums that they pay but it is not true.


I wonder why and what for GoldPoll removed the negative comments regarding HOX? I think they rushed to do so. And now the status is also Paying. We have already send them a mail and hopefully they will change the status when they read it.


UPDATE (20/8/2010): HOX is PAYING again :) We are Real-time Monitor Service ;)

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