Updated: 08/19/2010 11:46
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Yesterday we wrote about the letter which we received from one of our readers (you can read it here: https://www.hyipnews.com/news/2010/08/18/wrong...

Yesterday we wrote about the letter which we received from one of our readers (you can read it here: /news/2010/08/18/wrong-scam-report-on-ultraincome-and-incometime/17504) He asked us to help because he had problems with withdrawing money from such programs as ultra-income.com and incometime.net. However we didn't find programs which would match these domain names. So we asked our reader to check them and to reply. He did check and as we thought he really meant similar programs ultra-income.net and incometime.biz. So now we are not surprised why it is impossible to withdraw money from both these programs as they are SCAM. Let's start with Ultra-income. This HYIP offers 1500% - 2000% AFTER 1 DAY and 3200% - 4200% AFTER 2 DAYS!!! Do you still think it is true??? It is simply impossible for HYIP to pay out such profits. The program has been online for a year and almost four months however we even haven't found it in any monitor. There is almost no sign of it in Google search results and search engine does not find this domain unless you type it in URL bar. There is no discussion of it on any forums and the admin of this site does not respond to our message which we left on their site as there is no email address. So, do you still want to invest in it? :)

The situation with Incomitime is much better. You can easily find it on the Internet and it was discussed on forums and is still being discussed from time to time. However we didn't find any positive votes during our little investigation. Incometime offers 200%, 250% and 300% after 1 day! depending on the amount of your deposit. I found it interesting that it has been online for more than eight months doing some Rounds. So now is Round 4 which actually started on August 13, 2010 (6 days ago). It also has a fake “GoldPoll” banner with paying status in order to fool investors. However it is not monitored at all by none of monitors. And now tell me, is it an honest admin and a good HYIP?

When HYIP offers such high interest it is always a red flag, because it means tomorrow you will get much more money than you invested yesterday. If you invest $100 in Ultra-income today it means you should withdraw $1700 tomorrow!!! There is even a profit calculator for your convenience on their website :) And in case with Incometime you will have $300 tomorrow if you invest $100 today.

You should NEVER ever INVEST in these two programs if you don't want to be fooled and to lose your money. We are waiting for your comments on these two projects on our forum and in your letters.

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