Updated: 08/23/2010 23:45
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Online MDT ( ) offers four shortterm plans: 102% after 1 day, 109% after 3 days, 119% after 5 days and 129% after 7 days. This project...

Online MDT ( offers four short-term plans: 102% after 1 day, 109% after 3 days, 119% after 5 days and 129% after 7 days. This project also offers a two-level referral system, with a profit of 4% from the first level referral and 5% from the next one. It was launched about a week ago and is now considered by us as a place for making a deposit (or not making). And now, 11 days after the beginning of work, the program has made first changes.

First of all they canceled the first plan. There were apparently two reasons for doing so. The first reason, (the official one) is that the plan was opened only for taking (and providing) proof of financial solvency of the program. There is no sense in this plan now because the program has a lot of investors who received payments. 21/08/2010 is the date when the plan was closed but it is still on the site but the ability to make a deposit is probably off.

The second reason (an unofficial one) may well lie in the fact that load has increased because of the growing number of investors and it became difficult to process a huge number of "short" investors. 1 day is really a quick plan for a serious project. By the way, Rabins, the admin of Online MDT has recently given an interview. Perhaps we will manage to talk to him as well, because the situation with this "Promotional" plan is pretty interesting. I would say it is unusual for HYIP world.

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