Updated: 08/23/2010 06:59
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Major Profit (, which was launched 5 days ago, has already acquired a number of fans. $4,700.00 has been already invested in it. $380...

Major Profit (, which was launched 5 days ago, has already acquired a number of fans. $4,700.00 has been already invested in it. $380 profit has even been paid out. It is already possible to see three reviews from well-known blogs. There are 33 rating signs on the monitoring page and there are links to 40 forums. All that is an advertising campaign of a HYIP with modest external parameters, named Major Profit.

Ben Kelly, the administrator of the project, sent out the first (apparently) official update yesterday and invited all investors to vote after receiving payment. Moreover, he offered a bonus of $0.50 for the post on any monitor or forum and $0.20 for a vote on monitors.

To be honest, this is one of the most right and good ideas among those which I've seen recently. Indeed, investors have stopped voting after receiving payments. This is only done by concerned people or ... by bots. So, unfortunately, it is impossible to read threads with a discussion of programs, as well as comments to their pages on monitors because of this. As a result, you can really express your opinion on a project and see real discussion on GoldenTalk only (in my opinion). And of course on forum at Each program even has its own forum on our site and you can talk about anything there.

Now, Ben Kelly showed us the option, when rates which are so necessary and useful are obtained legally, in quite acceptable way. Of course, it is not guarantee that only real investors will vote, and only after the payment, though ... it is better to ask Ben Kelly how the system will function. We have already sent a request for an interview and we will ask him then. Until then this innovation looks like the only way to start seeing real situation on numerous useless forums and HYIP monitors.

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