Updated: 08/23/2010 19:27
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Samuel Arildsen , the admin of the project which we have written about recently (

Samuel Arildsen, the admin of the project which we have written about recently (, is actually a serious and consistent person. He has extended the registration of the domain name for 5 years (until 2015) as he has promised in the official update and personal correspondence and really started paying bonuses. Now, if everything goes well, will be able to work another 5 years, paying its clients 0.9-2.2% daily.

As for bonus, "a 5% cash bonus promotion was extended till the end of August 2010." But you should keep in mind that this bonus is available only for all new deposits from $10 to $500. It doesn't matter whether you are an old investor or a new one, but it is important that the deposit is made with cash, meaning new money, not that you have received in the form of profits. You can easily withdraw your bonus right after it was added manually.

The administrator has also asked his investors to vote and to support WorldPrivateFunds on monitors and forums devoted to high-yield online investing. Unfortunately, WorldPrivateFund is not in our HYIP monitor yet, but you can already vote for this program with the help of discussion. Nothing attracts interest to a project better than active discussion. So what do you think about WorldPrivateFunds?

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