Updated: 08/25/2010 19:35
Hyip Monitor
Today we have already written about such program as Private Assets, which miraculously managed to remain in the positive status

Today we have already written about such program as Private Assets (, which miraculously managed to remain in the positive status at several significant HYIP monitors and continue working even after they have actually stopped paying. Final Earn, of course, will not experience such lucky (for administrator) fate, but its site is still online. Such situations are a great threat to online investors, because the administrators of dishonest programs do not show that they don't pay. And many investors, alas, often do not conduct investigations regarding each program they are going to invest in.

That's why the mail which one of our readers sent, seems to be very important to us and correct: "Final Earn is not closed. Admin doesn't reply to support requests any longer, but they are still open for business, accepting LR and PM. I read some place, I don't recall now where, they have been reported to FBI. Just thought someone should know. Thanks for your time."

However, one problem is that the site is online, it can accept deposits and continue deceiving people. Another problem is that the site of fraudster is available and is supported by some monitors. In the case of Private Asset, we've seen that even such HYIP monitor as GoldPoll helps PA steal money. Fortunately, the situation with FinalEarn is clear. Only Now Hyip Monitor shows that it is still paying.

We hope that our readers look for information before making a deposit. The information that we post in our news is easier to find using search engines now and we are confident that we can save more and more funds of online investors so that they can multiply them and not waste because of the unskilled work of so-called "HYIP monitors".

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