Updated: 08/25/2010 09:56
Hyip Monitor

HYIP monitor is actually needed only in those cases when a project is about to close and when it is already closed. There is no work for an ordinary HYIP monitor in case when a project is paying or it is popular. It is that gathers information, analyzes the performance and monitors activity no matter what. But an ordinary monitor is just an indicator of ALIVE/DEAD type. But, unfortunately, this indicator does not always cope with such a blunt and simple function. Private Asset ( perfectly demonstrates this.

It's been 200 days since Private Asset Management (this is the full name of the project) appeared in our monitor. But we were paid for only about a month. Generally, they paid out for no more than two months and the majority of HYIP monitors have changed its status to negative by the end of the summer 2009. Most of them, but not all ...

If you check the status of Private Asset Management, you will see that GoldPoll, HotHYIPs, Invest-Tracing, MaxHYIP and ANAYZERTEAM are convinced that the program is PAYING. Moreover, this program is on 14th place (!) at GoldPoll. MOREOVER, topic is in column of opened program, although the last post is: "NOT PAYING - SCAM - I joined Private Asset Management the last August 4th, 2010; and I invested $50.00 from my LibertyReserve account ..."

And the worst thing is that investors keep giving money to such projects because of the irresponsible position of these monitors and lack of any information that would help investors make the right decision. And they continue losing money! Be careful.


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