Updated: 08/26/2010 12:14
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WBwso (wbwso.com) has recently announced that it is closed for new members and new signups will not be accepted. “We are very pleased with the...

WBwso (wbwso.com) has recently announced that it is closed for new members and new sign-ups will not be accepted.

“We are very pleased with the member base we now have and feel that it is large enough to reach our goals and at the same time small enough to maintain. WBwso has always had an estimated limit in the amount of members we could accept and we now feel that we have reached this point.”

WBwso also says that there aren't enough people in support service to handle all the work, therefore a decision to close for registration has been made. And now they will be able to provide qualitative support and to work more effectively.

Well, this project became some kind of private club but of course this move is interesting.

The project is quite popular and successful even though the site looks pretty simple. Of course, it would be nice if WBwso really continued working as a private club and continued bringing money to its investors, but I know from experience that unfortunately such move is often a sing of program's soon closure. And it will be really suspicious if the program opens up for new investors again. In that case the situation will be really interesting.

Anyway, we will keep you informed on all moves and actions of such program as WBwso.

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