Updated: 08/30/2010 15:33
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The administrator of 144CashAds (144cashads.com)) is that type of administrators, who write their clients almost every day. Those mails often become publicly available and the program is mentioned on forums and blogs. That is how we have noticed 144CashAds. In the latest newsletter the administrator explained in detail how to manage the six plans, which you invested your money in and that is how we became interested in 144CashAds.

In fact, they have a very unassuming design and quite simple appearance. But the first thing that catches the eye is advertising other HYIPs and news about periodically disabled “payout” button.

Actually, the concept of "advertising" HYIP is quite common and is used quite often. Crazy earnings for promoting the others are a beautiful legend. But whatever it is, 144CashAds is precisely the advertising company but this is not what I find interesting about it.

It is interesting that all six plans, which are offered to clients one by one (to “clients” because the administration of the project emphasizes that "we are not an investment company"). Meaning only first plan is available to everyone. The second plan is available only to those who are active in the first plan. And so on.

It looks quite unusual and it is an interesting option. Maybe we should write more about this project because this concept could well guarantee it a long work on the market. In any case, we will keep a track of its development.

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