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FenixTrust (fenixtrust.com) can be easily called one of the leading programs of HYIP industry. We made a Video Review about it last month: VIDEO...

FenixTrust (fenixtrust.com) can be easily called one of the leading programs of HYIP industry. We made a Video Review about it last month: VIDEO REVIEW OF FENIXTRUST

It has been online for more than 100 days and it has been paying out without delays. It has never been inaccessible and even Support Service has been functioning perfectly. With the advent of fall and the beginning of the "active" season, the administration of FenixTrust has prepared one important innovation for program's clients.

Telephone Support in English and Spanish is available now. It was informed about this in program's latest newsletter. This innovation is made for investors' convenience, however the administration asks everyone to read their FAQ page before calling because many questions are covered their. So, if you have problems or questions which you can't find the answers to, you are welcome to call. The phone number is +598 97174012. Telephone Support is available from 9:00 to 17:00 GMT-3.

I want to draw your attention that Telephone Support is also available in Spanish which is great because I'm sure there are many Spanish-speaking investors in HYIP world.

And there is another great news for Spanish speakers. The administration of FenixTrust informs that the interface of the website will be translated to Spanish soon. Well, the projects is definitely trying to develop, which is good.

Of course, this innovation itself does not have a direct impact on the life-time of FenixTrust. And, accordingly, does not guarantee anything. However, a working Telephone Support is not so widespread in HYIP industry therefore this is clearly a strong competitive advantage. And if investors appreciate this, it can strengthen the positions of FT.

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