Updated: 08/30/2010 10:40
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OnlineMDT (onlinemdt.com) is a short-term HYIP which pays on expiry. It offers 109% after three days, 119% after 5 days or 129% after 7 days. We have posted news about them recently and have tried to contact the administration after posting, as we always do. As you know, we are interested in all projects worthy of attention and we thought that OnlineMDT was one of such projects. Unfortunately, we did not succeed to contact them after several attempts. Is this a sufficient reason for “not invest” alert? No, but ...

Within the last few days the administration of OnlineMDT sends out such mails to its investors: "Before withdraw your money, PLEASE CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT, IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS WRONG OR HAVE ANY PROBLEM IT IS ENOUGH TO CONTACT US, WE HELP YOU TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM." Today, this message has been written in a different way: "Please check your Liberty Account and if it has been changed please contact us to change it to the correct one." That is, if a few days ago there was a likelihood that there was something wrong with the number, now they send out mails which foresee that some investors will have such problems. But why?

As Paul says, you should always check your particulars before transferring money. Moreover, I also recommend you checking the operating capacity of your LR / PM and other e-currency accounts. Because it could be blocked, stolen or something else like that. These are usual safety precautions. But in this case, the administration stubbornly makes it clear that your number may be different for some reason or with mistakes. But why?

The first assumption. Technical problems. Somehow, the database of the project mixed up and now every customer has random LR account.

The second assumption is coming from a “quid prodest” question, that is "Who benefits from this?". It is not beneficial for an investor. He might get the money back to the wrong account or not get it at all. Payment system also doesn't benefit. But HYIP in such case of course experiences some difficulties associated with the necessity to change LR, but ... anyway it is quite legitimate reason for not only delaying, but also for canceling payments. And this can also be done for specific investors (selective payouts). And again quite legally. Moreover, even investors will be glad because of delays because they do not want to lose their money ... So what do I want to say?

Stay away from OnlineMDT.

, HYIPNews.com

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