Updated: 08/31/2010 11:59
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So, as you remember, we published news about such program as OnlineMDT ( yesterday:

So, as you remember, we published news about such program as OnlineMDT ( yesterday:

We warned you about project's problems and recommended staying away from it. And here is another surprise! We have received a newsletter from the admin of OnlineMDT today. And what do you think it is about? Right, another problem. This time it is about problems with DDoSWiZ hosting.

The admin informs that 2 days ago someone wrote a mail to Support of DDoSWiZ from a fake OnlineMDT email address and said that he is from the project's team and wants to install SSL. This person asked for “Cpanel Password”, so:

“when Support ask him to give an email address to send information to that email address , that person give this Fake address : . and this support man without any delay give our password to a person that claim from us , Just Claim ...”

The admin says that they had sent lots of mails but Support of DDoSWiZ never replied. So then they found their Yahoo ID and told them:

“when every person Claim that is from us you WILL RESTORE OUR PASSWORD FOR HIM...they just told us they made mistake, I don't know how will compensate our losses ? they just told us we made mistake and after some minutes leave their seat and never speak again , WE ANNOUNCE THAT DDOSWIZ IS NOT SECURE AND THEIR SUPPORT IS SO WEAK AND IF ANY ONE GIVE THEM MONEY THEY WILL RESTORE YOUR PASSWORD...”

So OnlineMDT admin informs that they will transfer to a different Host to be secured and not to have any problems.

Well, what can we say? It is a nice story but it is not necessarily true. As you know, changing a hosting provider usually requires time and sometimes it might take up to a couple of days to complete this procedure. So will probably be unavailable for a few days. But the thing is that admins of projects usually use such trick to fool investors so that they can gather all money and disappear. And we should take into account those other problems with Liberty Reserve accounts. So I think there are too many problems and I am not saying OnlineMDT is scam or it will not work. Yes, it might work, but you should think twice before investing in program with so many problems.

Our advice is to choose HYIPs which have no payment delays, no account problems or any other troubles. There is always much more chance to make money with HYIPs, the reputation of which is spotless. Be careful.

UPDATE (01/9/2010): It is surprisingly that the excuse of administrator of OnlineMDT unexpectedly turned into an accusation against hosting DDoSWIZ and apparently some took this accusation seriously. I still do not believe that this is generally true but I decided to contact DDoSWIZ in any case. I hope that you, our readers are quite familiar with the rules of the game and you will not to make premature conclusions. Wait for the update.

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